Month: August 2015

Interesting: Video trying to prove Daniel is the real bully in The Karate Kid

This is a fan made video by YouTuber J. Matthew Turner which attempts to prove that Daniel Russo is in fact the villain of the story and not Johnny. The video deems Daniel as a “violent sociopath” while it depicts Johnny simply as the “flawed hero”. I have to say, this video has convinced me wholeheartedly. Let’s just hope this guy doesn’t make any more videos going forward, because if he somehow convinces me that Maverick in Top Gun is the bad guy or that drinking 3 gallons of Pepsi a day is bad for you my life will be over as I know it. Enjoy the video!

Throwback Thursdays! “I Wanna Sex You Up” by Color Me Badd

With the horrible tragedies that Oklahoma has suffered over the years, one of the worst could be the boy band Color Me Badd…or maybe they were the best…jury is still out. After selling 12 million albums one of these guys ended up on a VH1 reality show called Mission: Man Band with Kriss Kirkpatric from NSync, a guy from 98degrees and that guy from LFO. All the other “washed up” boy band guys still seemed to have quite a bit of money, but the guy from Color Me Badd went from 12 million albums sold to like 300lbs and selling tires (no joke). Anywho, I was 9 years old when this song came out I could not stop singing it! There were a lot of passers by, teachers, and ice cream truck drivers that likely assumed I was just an inappropriate child singing the lyrics to a popular song. However, in truth, I wanted to sex them all up. Keep in mind I thought sex was hugging at that age and I loved hugs! Enjoy …

Nostalgia Blog Reviews: The Bewitched Continuum

A few months back I was approached to do a review on a book titled ‘The Bewitched Continuum: The Ultimate Linear Guide to the Classic TV Series’ by Adam-Michael James. At first I was somewhat hesitant. My only experience with the television show Bewitched was as a kid when I was home sick watching re-runs from noon till 1pm. I got the premise, a guy marries a witch, she does some witch magic to mess with him, everyone laughs, the end. Seems simple and good enough. Other than those sick days as a child that terrible (let’s call it re-make?) of the TV show in film form starring Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman was my only other experience with the Bewitched franchise. It was safe to say Adam-Michael James and his book had the deck stacked against him. That was until I started to read the book. Have you ever talked to a friend or colleague about a subject you know nothing about but their interest and passion for it is so captivating and contagious …

I’m still young right?: Movies That Turn 25 Years Old This Year

I remember a time when I thought “wow, I can’t believe that movie is 10 years old!”. As time has passed and we all have gotten older, it’s crazy but movies from our childhood are now turning 25 years old! Here is a list of movies turning 25 this year. That’s right, these movies are now old enough to rent a car! It’s funny, some of these movies will shock you with the fact that they are 25 years old, while others make you say “that movie is only 25 years old? I thought it was way older”.  Let us know your thoughts on the list. Enjoy!   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles *This is apparently the official trailer for this movie 25 years ago. I guess they hadn’t done the voice recording yet because the dialogue and voices are completely different from the movie.   Pretty Woman   Ghost   Edward Scissorhands   Dances With Wolves   Home Alone   Goodfellas   Yeah, 25 years seems about right.