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Nostalgia Blog Reviews: The Bewitched Continuum

A few months back I was approached to do a review on a book titled ‘The Bewitched Continuum: The Ultimate Linear Guide to the Classic TV Series’ by Adam-Michael James.

At first I was somewhat hesitant. My only experience with the television show Bewitched was as a kid when I was home sick watching re-runs from noon till 1pm. I got the premise, a guy marries a witch, she does some witch magic to mess with him, everyone laughs, the end. Seems simple and good enough. Other than those sick days as a child that terrible (let’s call it re-make?) of the TV show in film form starring Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman was my only other experience with the Bewitched franchise.

It was safe to say Adam-Michael James and his book had the deck stacked against him. That was until I started to read the book. Have you ever talked to a friend or colleague about a subject you know nothing about but their interest and passion for it is so captivating and contagious that all of a sudden you are hanging on every word? That is the experience I had while reading this book. Adam-Michael James does such a great job at keeping the book light and fun that you find yourself blowing through the pages.

While the book is literally a breakdown of every season and episode, it is so much more than simply an overview of the series (a lot more, the book is over 600 pages). Adam-Michael James profiles characters, presents his top 10 best and worst episodes, points out fun facts and exposes inconsistencies and plot holes in a way that could rival even the nerdiest Simpsons fan (well maybe not Simpsons fans, they are pretty hardcore).

This book is a true love letter to the Bewitched series and really is a must read for anyone who enjoyed the show. The Bewitched Continuum retails for $29.99 and can be found at:

Amazon, CreateSpace and on Facebook.

Now in true Nostalgia Blog Book Review fashion, here is the intro to the television show!

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