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Throwback Thursdays! “I Wanna Sex You Up” by Color Me Badd

With the horrible tragedies that Oklahoma has suffered over the years, one of the worst could be the boy band Color Me Badd…or maybe they were the best…jury is still out.

After selling 12 million albums one of these guys ended up on a VH1 reality show called Mission: Man Band with Kriss Kirkpatric from NSync, a guy from 98degrees and that guy from LFO. All the other “washed up” boy band guys still seemed to have quite a bit of money, but the guy from Color Me Badd went from 12 million albums sold to like 300lbs and selling tires (no joke).

Anywho, I was 9 years old when this song came out I could not stop singing it! There were a lot of passers by, teachers, and ice cream truck drivers that likely assumed I was just an inappropriate child singing the lyrics to a popular song. However, in truth, I wanted to sex them all up. Keep in mind I thought sex was hugging at that age and I loved hugs!

Enjoy the song!

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