Month: August 2015

Ya You Did!: Couple Replicates The Simpsons Kitchen In Their Home

A Canadian couple has transformed their kitchen into a replica of The Simpsons’ kitchen. This truly must be the happiest couple in the world! So happy and totally 100% into this project that the woman’s significant other never seems to be mentioned in the news piece or seen at any point. I have a feeling it’s just a cat…which may or may not be alive… Anywho, any time someone does a project like this, I give them full props! It’s every kids dream to grow up and turn a part of their home into an homage to a childhood show. I turned my bathroom into a complete recreation of Speed Racer! Well, actually I just put racing stripes on my toilet…but it still looks super awesome! Check out the video below to find out more about this interesting project. There are more pictures below of the kitchen. Enjoy!  

Throwback Thursdays! “Faded” by soulDecision

We are so busy here at the Nostalgia Blog that we almost forgot what day it was! Well the truth was that we had a roofie contest to see you could roofie everyone the fastest. Turns out we are all really good a roofying (so we got that going for us). The end result was spacing on what day it was. Well, that and the sneaking suspicion that we had something horrible done to us while we were passed out… Speaking of roofies, how about the guy on the left  in this video, he sure can wear the shit out of a turtleneck and goatee wouldn’t you say? Enjoy the video!

Short Life Span: Website Offers Nostalgia Themed T-Shirts for 36 hours at a time

RIPT Apparel was a site recently brought to my attention and I have to say it has one of the coolest twists on a t-shirt website I’ve ever seen. To explain how cool it is, I will now present the next part of this post in song form: “Ohhhh, There is this site…” What’s that? No one can understand to tone of melody or a song through text? Fair point, maybe I’ll just explain the site then. RIPT apparel sells unique, limited edition pop culture designs every day on tees, hoodies, posters and more! Each design starts at $11.00 and lives for 36 hours before it’s laid to rest in our Graveyard forever. Not all the products are Nostalgically themed but all are really cool and original. The crazy part is that each item is unveiled daily at Midnight (CST) and is only available for 36 hours! What does that mean? First off it means they do a hell lot more work then I do on this blog and also that if you see a …