Month: October 2015

Before They Were Famous: Halloween Edition!

Thanks to the awesomeness of Screen Junkies we have a video to post on the eve of Halloween that is actually Halloween themed! Hooray! So sit back and enjoy this video of actors before they were famous in spooky and scary Halloween movies! Oh and if someone gives you a razor blade in an apple this Halloween, just pretend to eat it so you don’t hurt their feelings . They worked really hard to attempt to murder you and I think the devastation of failing at taking someone’s life could send them into a pretty depressing spiral. Attempted murderers have feelings too people! Enjoy the video and Happy Halloween!

Throwback Thursdays! “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys (featuring special guest)

As the weather starts to get colder and we begin to think of the long winter that is ahead, sometimes we let our minds drift to a happier and warmer place. A place like Kokomo. A place where we can get there fast and then take it slow. A place where…HOLY SHIT! Is that uncle Jesse playing the steel drums/bongos?! That’s fucking awesome! This video is amazing! Enjoy. I bet you thought Throwback Thursday this week would be Halloween themed didn’t you? Well…it’s not.

10 Mistakes You May Have Missed That Made It Into The Star Wars Movies

This is a pretty great little video from Screen Rant featuring mistakes made in the original Star Wars films that you (and definitely me) probably missed. Most of these mistakes are so minuscule that the untrained eye would likely never catch them, while others would require complete re-shoots and lacked the technology to fix at the time. But we are happy for these fun blunders, because now the better part of 40 years later we can all look at these mistakes that were otherwise unnoticed in a sweet 5 minute internet video! And wasn’t that George Lucas’ plan all along? No. No it was not. Enjoy the video!

Maybe You Suck At This Game?: Man Keeps Super Nintendo Plug in for 20 Years to Save Game Progress

This is a picture of the Super Famicon (Super Nintendo) that Twitter user @UMIHARAKawase has kept plugging in for 20 years. Here is his reasoning: Incidentally, I’m pretty sure my first generation Umihara Kawase, which has been on in the SNES for over 20 years, has been in operation for over 180,000 hours. If the power is tuned off, I’ll lose all my replay data. Probably. Makes sense to me! Now the real question: Why haven’t you beaten this game yet? It’s been 20 goddamn years! They say if you work at something for 10,000 hours you become an expert, so by that logic this guy should be an expert at this game 18 times over. Whatever the reason, this guy is the KING of procrastination and for that I applaud him…well, I will applaud him later when I get around to it.

Pixel Art of Every WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Big WWE fan and talented pixel artist Christopher Grimm has created this awesome portrait of every WWE Heavyweight Champion since 1963. The attention to detail for a pixelated picture is pretty awesome, not to mention it is bursting with Nostalgic memories for anyone who grew up a Wrestling fan. I’ve included the names of every wrestler in the tags, so make sure you memorize the answers then you can impress your friends by naming them all! Oh, just don’t let them read that last sentence…