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But they are cartoons?: What The “Aladdin” Cast Looks Like Now

Sites like Buzzfeed like to do “what they look like now” posts on their site. We at The Nostalgia Blog usually read them and cherry pick what we like (don’t tell their lawyers!).

Recently Buzzfeed did a post on what the cast of the Disney classic Aladdin looks like now which I found interesting because other than Steve from Full House (oh yeah, he was Aladdin), the actors are primarily voice actors and chances are you have no idea what they looked like to begin with. With that said, here is what they look like now:


Brade Kane (Aladdin’s Singing Voice)


Jonathan Freeman (Jafar)


Scott Weinger (Aladdin)


They didn’t do a picture of Linda Larkin (Jasmine) because I assume Buzzfeed like Hollywood just hates women…or maybe I just missed it. Either way here is a random one I found on the interweb:



So there you have it! What the actors you never seen before look like now. Best. Post. Ever.

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