Month: November 2015

There Will Be A ‘Dino-Riders’ Movie

In news that I’m sure only excites about the 8 people that actually remember Dino-Riders, Solipsist Film and Mattel are teaming up to bring the 80s cartoon to the big screen. I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t remember this show. I mean it had such a epic run of 14 episodes over 3 months back in 1988. Apparently that was long enough of a run to convince a young me to buy a bunch of these toys. Cause I basically had all of them. So let’s all take a look at the cartoon intro and see if it jogs our memories. Anything? Yeah me neither. Although I will say the plot line is surprisingly pretty solid.

Shouldn’t We Judge Her on Personality?: Barbie’s Face From 1959 to 2015

The above photo is the transition of Barbie’s face through the years. From looking like a skeleton in the 50’s, to being coked out in the 70s, her bulimic days in the 90s and now presently looking inexplicably like a teenager. Being a beauty icon is not easy, but somehow Barbie has managed it for over 50 years while balancing around 80 different careers and keeping her affair with G.I. Joe pretty quiet. Well done madame. Well done.

Back to the Future with 2015 Clips Inserted

This is a quick little clip of two scenes from Back to the Future II re-cut to include some 2015 relevancy. Some times I wish I could re-cut movie scenes and put them up on the internet for all to enjoy, but that would really cut into my cheese eating time and I just can’t sacrifice that. Speaking of which, now is as Gouda time as any to eat this Camembert! (I make cheese puns now) Enjoy the clip!

Must Hear: “Under Pressure” A Capella version by Queen and David Bowie

This is a recording of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie laying down some sweet vocals to the epic song “Under Pressure” back in 1981. However, instead of adding that awesome Vanilla Ice track underneath, this song is just pure Mercury and Bowie. I always knew that these guys could sing, but something about hearing it A Capella just takes their voices to another level. Enjoy.