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Must Watch: Video Explaining Why Jar Jar Binks Is A Sith Lord

We love to say “Childhood Ruined” on this blog but after watching this video, this post could easily have the caption “Childhood Saved?”

This is an incredible video that makes a theory for Jar Jar Binks is actually the Sith Lord in the Star Wars prequels. At first I thought this was just a great fan-made conspiracy (which I guess it is) but after watching I really do believe this was the original plan that George Lucas had for Jar Jar.

Two thoughts come to mind if this was true:

  1. Does this mean the prequels are actually good now?
  2. That explains why Jar Jar Binks was portrayed in such a racist fashion, as Sith Lords are evil and no doubt all racist.

Enjoy the video!

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