Month: January 2016

Supercut of Pixar Film References

This is a pretty great little supercut of all the film references made by Pixar over the years. Even with them lined up side-by-side a still only got about 70% of them. Although, I was looking at the weird cat outside my window for about 30% of the time, so that might explain it. Oh wait, that’s not a cat. It’s a frying pan with a hat on. How did that thing get a hat? Alright, I gotta look into this more. Enjoy the video!

Throwback Thursdays! “The Heat is On” by Glenn Frey

Seriously another death of a rock icon? This is getting out of hand here. I mean Glenn Frey! He did everything, Miami Vice, The Eagles….Miami Vice… Interesting personal facts about me with regards to Glenn Frey. ‘The Heat Is On’ is the first song I ever remember hearing in  my life (not a bad way to kick off my cognizant memory). I think I was 3 or 4 years old.  I had no idea who sang this song until one of my all-time favorite SNL sketches called “The H is O” aired. It’s pretty great. Check it out. RIP Glenn Frey, to me The “H” will always be “O”.

A Lot Less Action?: What GoldenEye 64 Video Game Would Look Like Today

Rumors have come out that apparently XBOX made a big push to attain the rights of GoldenEye from Nintendo. Unfortunately the deal fell through and we will not be getting an updated version of one of the greatest multi-player games of all time. However a YouTuber by the name of Jude Wilson has uploaded what game might have looked like today. How did he do this? Well: Wilson recreated the Facility level from the game as part of an assignment for his master’s degree. The recreation is a mix of the N64 game’s original layout combined with the film’s look and feel. I was hoping that there would be more to the video, ya know, like anything happening at all, but I guess technically this is some guy’s homework. Check out the sweet new graphics (we’ll probably never see in real game play) below.