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Throwback Thursdays! “I Swear” by All-4-One

Bet you all thought Boyz II Men sang this song huh? Well, so did I! That is until I saw the video and realized it is in fact a band called All-4-One. This band can only be described as a multicultural amalgamation of four gentlemen I can only imagine were discovered at janitor college. I’m not sure janitor college even exists, but if it does, I would bet these four guys were the stars of the barbershop quartet. I also like to think, Janitor College made a huge comeback in the big football game against Custodian University to win the Toilet Bowl. After the big championship, All-4-One performed at the victory party where they were seen by a record executive. The rec exec was so impressed he immediately signed them to a deal in which they would record 2 albums and clean office 3 times a week.

And with that I give you the video. Enjoy.

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