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“In 9 hours and 23 minutes… you’ll be mine”: Labyrinth Board Game Coming

Well, we’ve all be meaning to get around to watching Labyrinth to truly honor the passing of David Bowie, but now we have even more intensive to do so because a board game coming this summer!

The game will be released by River Horse and the breakdown is as follows:

This is the maze that players must navigate every time they wish to save Sarah’s baby brother. Each game is different with the blank card spaces being filled with the magical encounters and monsters that are depicted on the deck of cards that comes with the game, this ensures a great deal of replayability and unpredictability in the game, giving the Labyrinth its signature feel.

The game consists of two distinct stages, one where the group must adventure through the labyrinth trying to find the goblin city whilst keeping their willpower as high as possible (nobody wants to fall into the oubliette!), and a second action-packed stage where the players must fight their way into Jareth’s castle where Sarah must say the magical words that will release her brother.

5 highly collectible figurine renditions of the main characters
2′ x 2′ game board lavishly illustrated with inspiring new artwork featuring all the legendary places from the movie, including the Oubliette, the Bog of Eternal Stench, the Goblin City and Jareth’s Castle.
32 Labyrinth cards
Over 30 game tokens
6 polyhedral dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20)
6 reference cards
4 character sheets, 4 Ability cards & 4 Weakness cards
4 card stand-ups: Humongous, Goblin Infantry, Goblin Cavalry & Goblin Artillery
Goblin Clock & Clock hand
Rules Booklet

I can’t wait to play this game and either:

A. Quit halfway in because the rules are too hard to follow.

B. Quit halfway in because I’m losing but I claim everyone else is cheating.

In both scenarios, I flip the game board to make sure I ruin it for everyone. It’s gonna be an awesome summer.

*Update: Here is a video of how to play the game.

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