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Jim Cummings Reads Darth Vader Lines as Winnie The Pooh

This is a delightful little video from ConnectiCon in 2013 which features voice actor Jim Cummings performing the role of Darth Vader as read by Winnie The Pooh (he also throws some Darkwing Duck in there).

After watching this I have come to the conclusion that everything is better when said in the Winnie The Pooh voice. I mean you could tell me I have 24 hours to live and I’d still be grinning as long as you did it in that voice. So for all of you who have to give your family, friends or coworkers bad news, simply hire Jim Cummings to tell them in his Pooh voice. Everyone will feel slightly better about themselves and I think you will too. Just make sure when Cummings give you your bill for his performance, he does it in character too, cause you know that’s gonna be some bad news (guarantee that guy demands 4 figures to perform)

Enjoy the video!

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