Month: May 2016

Activate Interlocks!: Conceptual Voltron LEGO Set

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really been a LEGO guy, nor have I ever been a selfless lover, but these conceptual Voltron LEGO set designed and proposed by LEGO Ideas user len_d69 make me want to be both. The five lions can be connected to form Voltron with the black lion making up the body, the red and green lions the arms, and blue and yellow the legs. Just like in the cartoon! It’s all coming together…literally. This project isn’t greenlit yet but you can help that out by going HERE and voting for the proposed set. Check below for more sweet picks of these beauties.

Heartfelt Short of Boy Who Plays Xbox With Ghost of His Father

*Warning: This might make you cry. This is a video that’s been floating around for about a month, so there is a good chance you have already seen it. For those of you who haven’t, it is the story word-for-word told by Youtuber 00WARTHERAPY00 in the comments for a video called ‘Can Video Games Be A Spiritual Experience‘. I won’t tell you more than that as the video explains it all in under two minutes. Enjoy.

Kickin’ It Old School: Nintendo x Vans Retro Video Game Shoe Collection

Remember when Nintendo could only be found in video game form? Well not any more my friends! Later this summer Vans will be releasing their Nintendo x Vans Summer Shoe Collection (no price point on them yet). I’m a big fan of old school Nintendo and not tying shoes, so few of these are right up my alley. It will be like I’ 12 again! “You couldn’t tie your shoes at age 12? You could?! What are you? Some kind of child prodigy? Check out below for more shots of these sweet kicks.