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No, not the ones you are thinking of: Ghost Busters (1975) Theme

We all know the Ghostbusters (and it’s iconic theme song), there is no question about that. We also know that those Ghostbusters later had a cartoon based on the movie and it too had a great theme song (as it is the same one).

Heck, most of us probably remember the “other Ghost Busters” cartoon that always seemed to be on instead of the good cartoon (you know, the one based on the movie. We just talked about this).

Everyone still with me? Good.

But did you know there was an original live-action version that predates them all which aired back in 1975? Well I didn’t, so back off! Anywho, this little piece of terribleness ran for 1 season (15 episodes) and was the original concept that would later turn into the crappier cartoon. It also had one of the most beautiful theme songs you will ever hear. It’s like hearing angels sing you a lullaby. Please enjoy.

Just kidding! It’s the worst! This show honestly should have been cancelled after the first airing of the theme song. Although it gets bonus points for letting a gorilla drive a car.

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