Month: August 2016

Is it all Jimmy Fallon?: SNL Cast Breaking Compilation

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Saturday Night Live. They also know that I claim to have started Scientology (but that’s a story for a different day). Anywho, one of the great moments in any SNL season is when a cast member genuinely breaks in a sketch. For those of you who don’t know the term “break”, it means to break character, but more simply put, it means you laugh. Lorne Michaels (creator and producer of SNL) is known for not enjoying breaking as he thinks it’s a cheap way to get laughs and cast members know this, so when they break, it usually is pretty organic and genuine. With that said, some fan has put together a great couple of video compilations of SNL cast members breaking. It is a good mix of old and more recent sketches. Full disclosure, if you haven’t seen the sketches, these breaks may not be as funny out of context, but for big fans of the show (I think there is about 6 of us left), …

Can I be Harry Potter?: A Flowchart For What Magical Profession You Should Choose

This is a flowchart from LucidChart that helps you determine what magical profession you would choose if you were a wizard. Ya know, after some guy with no nose attempts to murder you but instead scars you with a frigging lightning bolt on your goddamn forehead. Thanks a lot Tom! Anywho, give the chart a try, then immediately walk into work and telling them you quit to pursue your new career. Enjoy! *Larger version of the chart can be seen here.