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I don’t Care if it’s Ironic or Not: This Song Rules

Alanis Morissette blew up in the 90s with her “Jagged Little Pill” album, led by the single “Ironic.” Now, I realize almost all of the instances she describes in the song aren’t technically what the dictionary describes as ironic, but I don’t care. The song is fucking fantastic. And to be quite honest, so is the rest of the record. Which is why it is one of the biggest selling records of all time. Anywhere. Ever. And, she is Canadian! So everyone who takes issue with the content of this song – SUCK IT!

The Best Wrestling Music Albums Ever

Theme music in the WWE largely sucks nowadays. But let me tell you, back in the heyday of wrestling popularity, the music was awesome. In the late 90s and well into the early 2000s, the WWF was absolutely on fire. Because of its popularity, they were able to team up with numerous musical artists to create catchy theme songs for their wrestlers. My two favourite wrestling albums are easily WWF Forceable Entry and WWF Aggression. Forceable featured rock versions of WWF Superstars’ theme songs while Aggression included rap/hip hop infused songs. I was quite surprised how much I liked Aggression because rap and hip hop has never been my favourite musical genre. It just goes to show that pretty much everything that the WWF did in those days, I enjoyed. I realize many of you will label me a complete and utter loser for writing about wrestling music, and you would be right. But I don’t care. I just listened to both of these records recently, and they still hold up to me. I miss the …

Bring It Back; Records I Remember: Hootie and the Blowfish

. All music fans have those specific CD’s or songs that immediately bring them back to a specific time in their life. It might be a happy time, a sad time, a fun time or a period of time. For whatever reason, this music speaks to us. It reminds us of our past. For me, one of these bands is Hootie and the Blowfish. I liken Hootie to a time when I was very young and carefree. At an age when nothing mattered at all. I had no responsibilities and no obligations. Every summer I travelled with my fake dad, Paul, to his cottage in the Bruce Peninsula. We usually spent 10-14 days there swimming, eating, walking and exploring. We also did tons of driving: up to Tobermory to see the Chi-Chi-Mon ferry and eat great ice cream and fudge, down to Hepworth to golf and over to Lion’s Head to see all the boats. It was during these driving trips that Hootie and the Blowfish would certainly be in rotation in Paul’s tape deck. …

Covers vs Originals (pt.2): ‘Hurt’

The unfortunate part of this is that Nine Inch Nails do not have a video for their version of “Hurt,” but we can still compare and contrast. We got the the super dark and sexy musician who banged chicks like crazy in the 90s and on the other hand we have Trent Reznor… So I ask you: Who did it better? Remember the rules while voting: Keep it safe. Keep it sexy. Enjoy! “Hurt” Original: Nine Inch Nails, released in 1994 from the album The Downward Spiral Cover: Johnny Cash, released in 2002 from the album America IV: The Man Comes Around

The Many Introduction Sequences of WWE Monday Night Raw!

World Wrestling Entertainment’s flagship program ‘Monday Night raw’ has undergone several changes to its introduction sequences over its 20 year existence. Not only the theme song itself but the video packages that accompany the songs as well. Below is a link that compromises every different song and video sequence that ‘Raw’ has had from 1993 onward. My favourite theme was the Union Underground’s “Across the Nation.” I liked the song so much I bought their record “An Education in Rebellion.” It was solid. What is your favourite? Personally, I think the newest song, “Tonight is the Night” is the worst theme they have ever had.