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These people really love Garfield

I’m no stranger to Garfield. While I never really cared for his comic strips, I did enjoy his Saturday morning cartoon Garfield & Friends. Garfield, created by Jim Davis, first appeared in comic strips in 1978. He quickly rose in popularity and is known as the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip, recognized by Guinness World Record. In fact, he is so popular that this depressing and somewhat funny cat spawned so much merchandise that the character earns upwards of $750 million to $1 billion annually. That’s insane. What is really insane is that it seems the majority of Garfield’s merchandise is owned by these people…

Childhood Heroes in Ancient Scrolls

These Hero-Glyphic photos were drawn artist John Lane and let me tell ya folks, they are pretty great. Not only do they look cool, they also scientifically prove that the Ninja Turtles and Star Trek pre-date the pyramids, so it should now be okay to watch old episodes in school instead of attending history class. You may ask “how do these drawings prove anything either scientifically or historically?” and to that I say, what do I look like? A teacher? If you want to buy some of these bad boys, they are for sale here.

Somewhere my dad is laughing: The Far Side

Dads and everyone alike love Gary Larson’s The Far Side. I personally think it is the greatest comic strip of all time (so suck it Peanuts fans). Some of these single-panel comics were so popular around my household growing up that they stuck in our family’s lexicon for years to come. Here are a few of my personal favourites. I still remember our family friend Drew telling my brother and I about this comic. Due to the lack of internet in those days it was sometime later before I finally saw the image. Oh the laughter as I learned my friend Drew was not just horrible at pronouncing the word “dog.” I can still hear my uncle’s laugh when he showed me this. It might be my first memory of The Far Side. I had a teacher that had this posted in the classroom and to this day I don’t smoke…mostly because it cuts into my massive cocaine habit. My dad, to this day, calls cat food and dog food “fud” and will list it as such on …

Dick Tracy

For a movie I LOVED so much as a kid and remember quoting quite a bit, it is amazing how much I have forgotten about this movie. I think it has safely been about 17 years since I have watched this Dick Tracy. So, the time has come! I must watch this movie once again and let nothing stand in my way….oh it’s not on Netflix? Oh well, I suppose it will have to live in my memory for the time being. In all honesty, the best thing to come from Dick Tracy wasn’t even in the movie, it was this scene from the Simpsons: …good memory… oh and here is the Dick Tracy Trailer.