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Win Ben Stein’s Money

You’d think I learned something from watching pretty much every episode of this show, and I did. I learned Ben Stein is one of the smartest men alive and Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious as a host (His cousin Sal, not so much). But I still can’t tell you who started the Ottoman Empire (I think it was Napoleon). Anywho, the basic premiss of the show was 3 people compete answering questions to win Ben’s money. At the end, whoever had the most money would go 1 on 1 with Mr. Stein for a chance to win all of his $5,000 (apparently Ben did get to keep the remaining money that the contestant didn’t win). Most people got slaughtered by Stein, but a few did end up taking the whole enchilada. Hey, how about that, it seems I know some Spanish. Here is a clip of one of the many people Ben Stein took to school. Wait, is that a pun? Cause in a way he kinda did. Anyway, enjoy losing, loser.

The Newlywed Game

This game show was a little before my (and most of our readers) time, but there were a couple of gems that happened on this 70s classic. So won’t you put down your magic 8 ball, put on your widest pair of bell bottoms and take a hit off these classic gems from The Newlywed Game. This first clip may be the best be the best moment in game show history…actually according to NBC it is. So, enjoy. This second clip might be of the dumbest woman in Game Show history…too bad this was in the 70s…we could have been so happy together…voting republican…yelling at our shoe lasses for being communist…In another life perhaps…

John Carpenter wins ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ with style

Back in…oh let’s say 1999? There was a show sweeping the nation faster than all America’s janitors combined! That show was Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Starring Regis Philbin (one of tv’s greatest personalities), the show rewarded your smarts with some sweet moolah. You had to answer a series of questions, you had life lines (phone a friend, poll audience, 50/50) to better help your chances. Before John Carpenter, no one had ever won a million dollars, let alone without using ANY life lines. And to this day no one responded to winning a game show (or anything for that matter) with a response as (to borrow a term from ’99) “pimp” as John does here. If you haven’t seen this, you will love it. If you have seen it, relive the cockiest and coolest response in Game Show history.

The Best Family Feud Fails

Family Feud is perhaps the best long running game show in the history of television. It’s been on-air since 1976 and has seen six different hosts,¬†currently of which is¬†Steve Harvey (pictured above). The show relies on a simple concept of asking families a variety of questions and seeing if their answer is the same as 100 Americans. In some cases their answers are correct and they win a lot of money/prizes. And other times, their answers are this…