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Failed Nintendo Product: The NES Speedboard

Nintendo stated when this bad boy came out that gaming from now on would be viewed as “Pre-Speedboard” and “Post-Speedboard”. They felt this product was that much of a game changer (quite literally). So how did this once in a lifetime accessory work? Did it offer cheat codes? Give you more control over the game? Neither, it simply was a piece of plastic that is meant to hold the Nintendo controller for you, so you are able to press buttons faster. Yup. That’s it. Believe it or not, the speedboard was a bust. In fact, some people see it as the biggest bust in video game accessory history. I mean, holding the controller so you can hit the buttons faster? That’s so dumb! Everyone knows moving the controller around widely was the ultimate way to win at Nintendo. It also looked really cool:

Where did all my quarters go? WWF WrestleFest

Among nostalgic wrestling fans and arcaders alike from the 90s, merely saying “WrestleFest” brings back epic gaming memories. WWF WrestleFest was the 1991 follow up to the smash hit arcade machine WWF Superstars which was groundbreaking in itself. The game was beyond developed for it’s time (as compared to console/PC wrestling games) with enhanced graphics, game-play and sound including voice samples, commentary and introductions. The graphics were bright and cartoony but were fun. You had two modes which was a tag tournament or the Royal Rumble. I can remember many arcade hangs in which me and a buddy would do our best to defeat The Legion of Doom for the WWF Tag Team Championship. After years of nostalgia, THQ released a 2013 remake for IOS. The game tried to capture some of the magic with a new/old roster but it’s hard to truly do justice to the big giant machine that ate all my quarters.

Lazer Tag: Awesome if you had someone to play with

Lazer Tag was a really awesome toy that was popular in the 80s and 90s. You got to wear these cool vests, run around with cool space-age guns and shoot invisible lasers at your friends. Sounds great right? Not exactly. Here was the fundamental problems with Lazer Tag. The kit itself only came with one gun and one vest. So if your parents only bought you one kit (like my parents did), you had no one to play with. Also, the kit was expensive so not many kids would have the toy to begin with. And finally, there were rumors that some kid went blind after getting a laser shot in the eye (not true), so then parents really didn’t want to spend the money on the toy. I had one gun and one vest and never got to play a real game. Thanks mom and dad.

Guess Who? – 90s Boardgame of Awesomeness

I think we all know and love this game. The craziest thing is that it was created in 1979 in Great Britain, but didn’t come to North America until the 80s. I of course remember it as a cult 90s hit. Super simple to play, and really fun. I was extremely good at this game especially when I was playing with a certain friend of mine who always picked Frans. Dead giveaway when you ask “does your person have red hair?”

Gooey Louie

For some strange reason, I really wanted this board game as a kid. It seemed so gross, yet so fun with an extremely simple concept. Pull the gooeys out of Louie and win! Watch his brain pop out when the special gooey gets picked! I guess this 90s game of grossness did well, as it’s still in stores today.