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Can we stop doing this now?: Our 1000th Post!

Normally you check out The Nostalgia Blog to get a half-assed summary of some obscure pop culture reference from your childhood…or you are an advertising robot who is promoting some very random product in our comment section. Either way we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our readers! We really enjoy writing this blog and although we might not be putting out as much content as we have in the past (I mean what the hell happened to our Throwback Thursday videos?) we will keep on writing if you keep on reading. A special thanks to sites like The Credible Hulk who promote the shit out of our posts weekly. We really appreciate that. Thanks again for the all the support and please like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and check out our YouTube page (before it gets shut down for another year and a half…that was fun).

Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship…sank 101 years ago

Guess what guys? Titanic wasn’t just an awesome movie made back in 1997, apparently there was actually a boat called the Titanic and it sank 101 years ago on April 15th. I know I just blew your minds, but apparently this is common knowledge. Anywho, I could go on and on about the facts of this incredible part of history…but that is what Wikipedia is for! So I am going to give you what you really want! The original theatrical trailer and Celine Dion music video (with movie Dialogue!). Because in a way aren’t those two things more famous then the Titanic? The answer to that is no, and how dare you think that way, people died okay? Enjoy!

This Day in History

It was this day in history (March 12, 1994) it was finally confirmed that this iconic picture of the Loch Ness Monster or Nessie (as it prefers to be called in less formal settings) was indeed a hoax. The picture was originally taken back in 1934 and at the age of 90, on his death bed, one of the conspirators of the photo came clean and admitted it was a fake. Fake huh? Then how did Nessie later appear on the episode of The Simpsons? Check mate!