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Cause Why Not?: Super Mario Bros Corn Maze Created at New York Farm

In “fuck yeah you did!” news, a farmer has created a Super Mario themed corn maze in his New York farm. The maze which apparently brings in about ten thousand visitors per year has a rotating theme. But why Super Mario? My theory, it’s a daily reminder to the crop dusting pilot that flies over, that the farmer always beats his candy-ass at Super Mario every time they play. You hear that Fred?! Farmer Tim owns you at all Italian plumber based game play! No word yet on if the farm grows those flower that allow you to throw fireballs or those red and green mushrooms that make you taller and give you multiple lives respectively.

I got next: Saved by the Bell Interactive Game

A Saved by the Bell interactive game on YouTube?! The Future is now! This is an interactive game from Fine Brothers Entertainment (ya know, the people who do those great ‘Teens React To’ videos). It’s a pretty cute little game that I suggest you check out. One down fall is you can’t play as Mr. Dewey who (as we all know) is the greatest character in Saved by the Bell history. Enjoy!

Nostalgia Under the Tree: Nintendo Releasing Miniature NES In Time For The Holidays

I’m a little late to the game (Nintendo game that is) on this one but like that pregnancy scare I had the other week, it’s always better late than never. Anywho, Nintendo is set to release a miniature NES system later this year (November to be exact) for all of our Nostalgic pleasure! The game connects to your television via HDMI cable and will come pre-loaded with 30 games: Balloon Fight BUBBLE BOBBLE Castlevania Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr. DOUBLE DRAGON II: THE REVENGE Dr. Mario Excitebike FINAL FANTASY Galaga GHOSTS’N GOBLINS GRADIUS Ice Climber Kid Icarus Kirby’s Adventure Mario Bros. MEGA MAN 2 Metroid NINJA GAIDEN PAC-MAN Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream StarTropics SUPER C Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Mario Bros. 3 TECMO BOWL The Legend of Zelda Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Not too shabby of a lineup. I think this is going to be a smash hit for Nintendo and expect there to be Super Nintendo and maybe an Nintendo 64 version in the …

Hello Newman: Guy Recreates Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment In Doom 2

A fine gentleman by the name of Doug Keener was very keen on creating Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment in Doom 2. How keen you ask? He was so keen that he spent over 100 hours creating it, including custom kill-animations and a bunch of sound bites from the show. I guarantee, if you are any sort of Seinfeld fan you will love this. Serenity Now!