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Take Another Look: You’ll Never See These Things The Same Way

This is a collection of random pictures featuring images from our childhood. Some of these things you may have noticed/known but some you might not have. Let’s see which is which shall we?   Mario punches the blocks, he doesn’t hit them with his head   …He also throws fire, he doesn’t spit it.   Mario’s pants appear to be Space Invaders   Toad is a bit of a dick…   …So is Minnie Mouse   The KFC Colonel is a stick man with a giant head   007 has a giant mouth!

James Bond 007 Death Match

Ever wonder what would happen if all your favourite 007’s squared off 1 on 1 to the death to determine the greatest Bond of all time? Well, some nerd threw such a death match up on the internet and here is the final result. I must say, it was very well done and quite entertaining to watch. Especially the Lazenby scene. So check it out!