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Movies I Forgot Exsisted: Buddy, Born to Be Wild and Ed

Hollywood studios tend to copy each other on the strangest things sometimes. You’ll see it from time to time, when one movie about a mall-cop comes out, another is released months after, despite the fact that there has never being any other movies about mall-cops. Or even now, Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Enemy where he’s confronted by someone who looks exactly like him. Jesse Eisenberg stars in The Double, where’s he’s confronted by someone who looks exactly like him. You wonder if this is because of studios wanting to compete with one another or if it’s pure coincidence. In the late 90’s for some strange reason, studios were all about Apes. I’m not talking about Planet of the Apes, I’m talking about family comedies about someone’s friendship with an ape.   It all started with Born to Be Wild, a 1995 film about a juvenile delinquent who befriends a gorilla.   Then in 1996 out came Ed, a story about a chimpanzee joining a baseball team. Side note: did you forget that Matt LeBlanc was …

95 Seconds of 90s

Let’s be honest, television now-a-days is so much superior than it ever was. Our dramas from HBO, Showtime, AMC are untouched. Sitcoms like 30 Rock, Community and Parks and Rec will live on for years in syndication. Cartoons….okay they aren’t anywhere close to what we had in the 80s. But with that all said, I still have an extreme soft spot for 90s television. This was my generation, my childhood, my TV. The 90s were the golden years to be a kid, and this video shows you exactly why…

Does anyone remember Ferris Bueller the TV series?

I doubt many of you will remember the short lived Ferris Bueller TV series, truthfully I don’t remember it. It premiered in 1990 on NBC and is  just one of the many cases of network TV trying to feed off the success of a once popular film. In most cases they fall short of expectations. But in this case…it falls short of expectations.  It only lasted one season and was panned by critics and fans alike. Interesting though, it co-starred a relatively unknown young actress at the time named Jennifer Aniston. Look for her in this clip from the first episode.