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Where did all my quarters go? WWF WrestleFest

Among nostalgic wrestling fans and arcaders alike from the 90s, merely saying “WrestleFest” brings back epic gaming memories. WWF WrestleFest was the 1991 follow up to the smash hit arcade machine WWF Superstars which was groundbreaking in itself. The game was beyond developed for it’s time (as compared to console/PC wrestling games) with enhanced graphics, game-play and sound including voice samples, commentary and introductions. The graphics were bright and cartoony but were fun. You had two modes which was a tag tournament or the Royal Rumble. I can remember many arcade hangs in which me and a buddy would do our best to defeat The Legion of Doom for the WWF Tag Team Championship. After years of nostalgia, THQ released a 2013 remake for IOS. The game tried to capture some of the magic with a new/old roster but it’s hard to truly do justice to the big giant machine that ate all my quarters.

Does Ernest Scared Stupid still hold up?

Growing up I was always drawn to any film starring Ernest P. Worrell (aka the uber-talented actor Jim Varney). The first Ernest film was in 1987 entitled “Ernest Goes to Camp”, but perhaps my favorite when I was a youngster was 1991’s “Ernest Scared Stupid”. I don’t know why I liked it? Maybe it was it’s ridiculous looking characters, or the fact that Ernest (as always) saves the day. Either way, I thought I’d give it go again to see if the film was nearly as good as I thought it was….the answer….no….not at all. It’s actually pretty bad. But with that said, I will say that the opening credits was one of the best classic horror film mash-ups I’ve ever seen. It had nothing to do with the movie but it did a great job of setting the tone of the film from the get-go. Check it out…