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Jon Hamm on a 90s dating show…FOR REAL

I don’t know if the world is truly ready for this, especially with the new and final season of Mad Men just starting… But apparently when Jon Hamm was 25 years old, he appeared as a contestant on The Big Date, a bad 90s dating show hosted by the guy from Blind Date. Jon is defiantly one of those individuals who gets better with age, like a fine wine or scotch.  But back in 1996, Jon was a struggling waiter sporting a middle-school haircut. His vocabulary consistent solely of the word “fabulous” and his face seemed disproportionate compared to today (when he’s filled out). This video effectively gives hope to all young men/boys who haven’t hit their stride with the ladies yet.  

Movies I Forgot Exsisted: Buddy, Born to Be Wild and Ed

Hollywood studios tend to copy each other on the strangest things sometimes. You’ll see it from time to time, when one movie about a mall-cop comes out, another is released months after, despite the fact that there has never being any other movies about mall-cops. Or even now, Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Enemy where he’s confronted by someone who looks exactly like him. Jesse Eisenberg stars in The Double, where’s he’s confronted by someone who looks exactly like him. You wonder if this is because of studios wanting to compete with one another or if it’s pure coincidence. In the late 90’s for some strange reason, studios were all about Apes. I’m not talking about Planet of the Apes, I’m talking about family comedies about someone’s friendship with an ape.   It all started with Born to Be Wild, a 1995 film about a juvenile delinquent who befriends a gorilla.   Then in 1996 out came Ed, a story about a chimpanzee joining a baseball team. Side note: did you forget that Matt LeBlanc was …

Movies I Forgot Exsisted: Michael

It’s hard to forget this 1996 comedy about Michael (John Travolta), an archangel who for some reason is living in a motel drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and has a very active libido…the libido line is the exact phrasing from the movie’s synopsis. The film was meant as comedy with some preachy subplots/messaging. It had very mixed reviews, but proved to be interesting enough of a concept to make over $90 million at the box office. Even though the 90’s seems like last decade, this film is getting close to being 20 years old. Because of this fact it’s extremely hard for me to remember much of anything from this flick. But if there is one thing I do remember, other than the image of John Travolta with wings, is the dance scene. There is nothing better than watching Travolta break it down in a film. This might not be as good as Saturday Night Fever, or the “batman” in Pulp Fiction, but Michael does have some unique moves.

Movies I Forgot Existed: Celtic Pride

I’m not expecting many of you to remember this 1996 Damon Wayans classic considering it was such a critical and commercial failure. But regardless, I enjoy it. Celtic Pride followed two crazy Boston Celtic fanatics (Daniel Stern and Dan Aykroyd) and their plot to stop the Utah Jazz and their star player (Wayans) from defeating their beloved team in the NBA playoffs. What’s interesting is that while researching this, I found out that Judd Apatow wrote the screenplay. Many of us forget that he did stuff before the 40-Year-Old Virgin. Despite the fact that Aykroyd and Wayans being moderate stars at the time, the film grossed under $10 million.