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This Wins the Internet: Drunk Jeff Goldblum Computer Ads

This might be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. You will re-watch these many times I assure you. Back in 1999 Jeff Goldblum did a series of commercials for Apple. Flash-forward to a few years ago and someone has taken these commercials and used some sort of apple product (I’m gonna say a shuffle?) to slow them down and make it seem like Jeff Goldblum is drunk. Isn’t technology grand? Enjoy!

Big Willie Style – I miss Will Smith’s music career

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 17 years since Will Smith released Big Willie Style, an album that kicked off a 2 year reign where Will Smith was the king of the radio. Will Smith could possibly be the best and most successful cross-over artist. Many have forgotten that he was a celebrated music act because of his successful film career. While he has yet to win an Oscar, he has been nominated twice, along with four Golden Globe nominations. But did you know that he’s had four Grammy wins! His 1997 comeback album (he was a rapper in the 80s before The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) won him two of those Grammy awards. Smith followed up Big Willie Style with the also awesome Willenium. Look at the all of the singles that came of these two albums… JUST THE TWO OF US (look at little Jayden….man I hate that kid) GETTIN’ JIGGY WITH IT MIAMI (notice Eva Mendes at 01;08) JUST CRUSIN’ WILD WILD WEST FREAKIN’ IT WILL 2K SO FRESH   Will …

Getting closer and closer to TOMACCO

If you were a Simpsons buff like me growing up, you obviously remember the episode E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)¬†from Season 11 as being one of the last truly great episodes. In an effort to grow crops on his family’s abandoned farm, Homer plants tobacco seeds with tomato seeds and waters it with plutonium. The end result…Tomacco, a highly addictive vegetable that “tastes like grandma”. Tomacco became a common reference ever since for items that really weren’t good but yet we always wanted one. McDonald’s Pizza for instance. While Tomacco seemed like a cartoon plot, we are getting closer and closer to it being a reality with the creation of TomTatos, a half tomato/half potato plant. This Frankensteinian plant will be available for sale starting next April. But with that said, scientists need to beware….or else….