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Back to the Future with 2015 Clips Inserted

This is a quick little clip of two scenes from Back to the Future II re-cut to include some 2015 relevancy. Some times I wish I could re-cut movie scenes and put them up on the internet for all to enjoy, but that would really cut into my cheese eating time and I just can’t sacrifice that. Speaking of which, now is as Gouda time as any to eat this Camembert! (I make cheese puns now) Enjoy the clip!

Pepsi Perfect from ‘Back to the Future Part II’ Available For Limited Time

Happy Back to the Future week! we’ve been waiting 30 years (well, really 26 years) to see what predictions Back to the Future got right…but that will all be in another post later this week. For now we celebrate Pepsi for releasing the version of Pepsi they drink in the movie’s depiction of 2015. That’s right! For a limited time only, on a website that hasn’t even been announced (maybe this isn’t really happening…) Pepsi will be selling Pepsi Perfect starting October 21st for $20.15 (very clever Pepsi) for a limited time only. Apparently only 6,500 bottles will be produced so paying over $20 a bottle may not be a terrible investment considering how valuable pop cans seem to get over time.¬† No word on if Pizza Hut has mastered the technology for dehydrated pizza yet, but if I can order pizza from Domino’s with an emoji, anything is possible. Now enjoy this commercial for Pepsi Perfect.

Coca Cola sings to the Blue Jays

Tomorrow, the Toronto Blue Jays start their post-season against the Texas Rangers. And for the first time since 1993….the team is actually good. Toronto has always been a hotspot for sports, but sadly hasn’t had a winning team (in any sport minus Canadian football) since the Jays won back-to-back World Series in 92/93. To celebrate the teams World Series victory¬†of the 90s, Coca Cola ran television advertisements where they sang a song about Toronto’s winners… Cleverly, Coke has rehashed their nostalgic tune for the 2015 Jays who just might go all the way. And even if they don’t, we are “proud of our Blue Jays.”

Nike Promises Back To The Future II Power Lacing Air MAGs Later This Year

With nerds world wide holding a movie and it’s fictional creations to a promise that they never made, the world waits with baited breath to see what predictions for 2015 Back to the Future II actually got right. While many predictions the movie made have actually come true (more on that in a future…or should I say Back to the Future? post), all anyone really gives a shit about is Nike Self-Lacing Shoes and Hoverboards. Well, it looks like Nike has held up its end of the bargain by promising Back To The Future II self-lacing Air MAGS later this year. I’m guessing it will happen some time around October 21st… Your move Mattel, time to get us some hoverboards! My suggestion, buy them from these guys and paint them pink.