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Fido Dido

Oh Fido Dido, as far as I can tell all you wanted to do was drink 7UP and date rape women all without saying a word…well at least in the French versions of the commercials. And hey, who could blame you, it’s the American dream. USA! USA! That said, Play on Playa.

Cool Spot For Sega Genesis Flat Out Ruled

My first video game system was a Sega Genesis. I never owned a Nintendo or Super Nintendo. I never owned an Atari. I never owned a Sega CD or Sega Saturn. I owned a Sega Genesis. I steadfastly supported this system over Nintendo as I have previously written about here: One of the games I played regularly was Cool Spot, pictured above. This game was wicked awesome. It involved a red mascot for 7UP cola with arms and legs who shot soda bubbles out of his hands to harm bad guys. He could also grab onto surfaces and climb up them. The goal was to collect as many “spots” as possible (the equivalent of rings in Sonic) and to release fellow Cool Spots from cages found within the levels. If enough Spots were attained, Cool Spot had the ability to enter a bonus level with the goal of spelling the word UNCOLA if the mission was completed. The sound effects in this game were awesome. Here’s a YouTube video of the Cool Spot soundtrack. I …