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Army Ants

This is another toy that I never owned (and to be honest don’t think was ever that popular) but now nearly 30 years later (Oh yeah, these came out in 1987) I can still remember most of the jingle in the commercial. Hasbro believed they had re-invented the classic Green Army Men toys with the development of Army Ants but they failed to garner any real following and production was halted shortly after. Army Ants may have lost the war but they won…well…nothing. Nope, these were just terrible toys with a somewhat catchy jingle.

The Impossible 80s Puzzle Game

No matter how many times I try or how old I get, I will never…EEEEEEEVER finish the impossible Rubik’s Cube. Easily one of the world’s best-selling toys, with over 350 million cubes sold as of 2009, this puzzle game was simple yet oh so difficult. The idea behind the toy was match all colors on all sides. Each side has 9 individual blocks (3 x 3 x 3) and 4 sides to match up. The puzzle is advertised as having billions of positions and color patterns you can have, but in actuality the exact number of different positions you can have is 43,252,003,274,489,856,000….which is approximately forty-three quintillion. HOLY SHIT no wonder why I could never solve this fucking thing. The toy itself became a symbol of the 80s and amazingly enough there are those random Rain Man like kids who are able to solve it. I know what you’re saying, the best way to solve it is to peel off the stickers, nice try! I’m serious, look at this kid who can complete the Rubik’s …