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Mint Condition: Trading Cards for Fictional Athletes

Talented artist Cuyler Smith has created a series of trading cards based on fictional athletes. The series features so many great cards with characters from The Mighty Ducks, Friday Night Lights, Varsity Blues, Caddyshack, Space Jam, Slapshot, The Karate Kid, Rookie of the Year and the list goes on and on. Give this guy a follow on Instagram or check out his website here (where you can actually purchase this stuff!). In the meantime, here is a taste of this guy’s talents. Enjoy.   Advertisements

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

It has been 20 years since this movie came out! That’s 20 years that Jim Carrey has been a superstar (5 of them being good). It is pretty common these days for people to say the last 10 plus years of Jim Carrey’s career have been…oh…let’s say…terrible? But you can’t deny the insane talent this man has (or had). I still think Jim Carrey is going to have a Renaissance. Oh yeah, it’s coming! My proof? Watch any interview with Jim Carrey over his career, he is hilarious in ALL of them which leads me to believe he’s still got it! My dream of a Jim Carrey comeback aside, Ace Ventura remains one of the funniest movies (if not the funniest) I have ever seen and remains probably the movie I have quoted the most in my life (along with Dumb and Dumber…which also turns 20 this year. Insane right?). In honor of that here are some of Ace’s best quotes. Some of which are from Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. Enjoy.