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Claymation TV of the 90s

Cartoons have always been a dominate force in the annals of Prime-Time television, especially in the 90’s when shows like The Simpsons and King of the Hill would pull in big ratings for FOX. In 1998 a new form of cartoon was catching wave and thought to be the next big thing. I’m not talking about Seth MacFarlane, he was still a year away before releasing Family Guy. I’m talking about claymation. You mean like Rudolf and the California Raisins? Yes, exactly like Rudolf and the California Raisins…only a little more adult skewed sprinkled with repetitive plot lines and cheap pops. UPN banked a lot on this trend picking up. I’ll be the first to admit that I was very excited for their Friday line-up of Gary and Mike, followed by Celebrity Deathmatch. And being totally honest, I enjoy Gary and Mike; the story of two friends traveling across the country on a road trip, accomplishing nothing of importance, and unwittingly destroying hopes, dreams, and personal property.And  it featured the voices of Harland Williams and …

The Wind in the Willows, Who Remembers?

Maybe you remember the classic piece of literature or perhaps the 80’s TV series/TV movies, but watching this really takes me back. Truthfully, I might be more nostalgic over the “THAMES” intro stamp. That logo would always warn me that what I was about to watch had a variety of accents that I would have trouble understanding, but even as a kid made me feel more sophisticated just for watching. This kids show about a Toad, Badger and Police Chief Weasel was often mistaken for Claymation, but was actually done through scalable model sets and posable characters, kind of like action figures. Like most animation and kids programs, each episode had its own unique storyline, but they tried to keep common themes throughout each season. All in all it was cute show. Nothing special by any means, but when nothing else was on at 12:30 during lunch, I was more than satisfied watching.