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5 Arcade Machines From The 90s You TOTALLY Forget About

Gone are the days of saving up as many quarters as possible and heading over to the arcades with your best buds. I miss the loud noises,¬†camaraderie and sugary snacks that the Arcade brought with it. Now-a-days arcades and arcade machines are few and far between thanks to personal gaming consoles. When consoles like the N64 and PlayStation up’d their game, there wasn’t much need to leave the house anymore to play the big bulky machines. But, for a time it was the ultimate gaming experience. Let’s see how many of these classic arcade machines you guys remember??? VIRTUA FIGHTER   CRAZY TAXI   CRUIS’N WORLD   TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY   SUNSET RIDERS

Was The Simpsons Arcade the best of all?

Perhaps hundreds of dollars in quarters from my brothers and I were spent on this single arcade game. It was as good as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade only set in the cartoon world of The Simpsons. ScrewAttack placed the game as the #1 best cartoon-based game of all time – and for good reason. The gameplay was smooth and the characters were cool. Marge would swing a vacuum cleaner, Bart had his skateboard, List whipped a jump rope and Homer‚Ķ well he punched and kicked. Interesting note: KONAMI – the creators of the arcade game – also made Aliens the arcade game. Several of those machines revealed that the Alien was simply Marge Simpson wearing a costume. While this might rank as the best among many and it is one of my favorites, my number one has to go to WWF WrestleFest…but that’s a writeup for another day.