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Great Scott!: Website Counting Down to Back to the Future Day

*Website Found Here* This is a pretty simple yet cool thing I stumbled upon the other day. This is a website counting down to Back to the Future day 2015. Back to the Future day is of course October 21st 2015 which is the date that Marty and Doc traveled to in the movie Back to the Future II. The movie made some bold predictions for what life would be like in 2015 but more on that in the…future…. for now, enjoy watching a clock tick down!

Nike Promises Back To The Future II Power Lacing Air MAGs Later This Year

With nerds world wide holding a movie and it’s fictional creations to a promise that they never made, the world waits with baited breath to see what predictions for 2015 Back to the Future II actually got right. While many predictions the movie made have actually come true (more on that in a future…or should I say Back to the Future? post), all anyone really gives a shit about is Nike Self-Lacing Shoes and Hoverboards. Well, it looks like Nike has held up its end of the bargain by promising Back To The Future II self-lacing Air MAGS later this year. I’m guessing it will happen some time around October 21st… Your move Mattel, time to get us some hoverboards! My suggestion, buy them from these guys and paint them pink.

Back To The Future II Replica Shoes Are Now Available

Well they still have another year to come out with the hoverboard I was promised but at least I can get my shoes made to look like the Nike power-laces Marty McFly wears in Back to the Future II. I’m pretty impressed that these bad boys are going for a very reasonable $99 too. I mean, that’s 80s pricing! If you are wondering what these shoes look like sitting on a rock or on railroad tracks, no worries, I got some pictures of that below. What I don’t have is an actual picture of anyone actually wearing the shoes…  

Elijah Wood was in Back to the Future II

Long before Elijah Wood was the Lord of the Rings or on Wilfred (a show which no one can figure out whether it is good or not) he was in a little movie called Back to the Future II (heard of it?). It’s no big deal, all actors get their start somewhere. What fascinates me is that he appears to be the same age and height he is currently. You be the judge.