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Shouldn’t We Judge Her on Personality?: Barbie’s Face From 1959 to 2015

The above photo is the transition of Barbie’s face through the years. From looking like a skeleton in the 50’s, to being coked out in the 70s, her bulimic days in the 90s and now presently looking inexplicably like a teenager. Being a beauty icon is not easy, but somehow Barbie has managed it for over 50 years while balancing around 80 different careers and keeping her affair with G.I. Joe pretty quiet. Well done madame. Well done.

Cute or Creepy?: Father Customizes Barbies into Labyrinth Characters for Daughter

I am touched and freaked out by this at the same time (Why would you want the Goblin King in your home!) . A father has customized two Barbie dolls into Sarah and The Goblin King from the movie Labyrinth for his 7 year old daughter. I must say this guy did an amazing job, his attention to detail is fantastic. You can take a look at his process here and check out a few more pictures below. I can’t wait to see what this guy does for his daughter next year. I’m gonna guess Falcor from the Neverending Story made out of some kind of Furby?

I wanted a Power Wheels so bad!

Let’s be honest, any kid who had a Power Wheels Jeep or even the Power Wheels Barbie Car was king shit! Power Wheels was a brand of battery-powered cars for kids. They were realistic, some had real working FM radios, opening/closing doors & hoods and ran forward and backward. What 5 year old had their own car? Well, the ones whose parents really loved them…or had money to afford a Power Wheels. I like in the advertisements they have to say “parents assemble them easily”, which means they were a pain in the ass to put together.

MadTV Clops

This was one of the most original skits ever. When MadTV started they really were doing some great stuff, none much better then Clops which married clay animation (which was still relevant at the time) with the tv show COPS (which was also still relevant at the time). This sketch is clearly where Seth Green came up with the concept for Robot Chicken. So please enjoy. I know you will. “It’s just snow from the North Pole, I’m holding it for the Easter Bunny”