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Coke Salutes 1993 World Series Blue Jays

Back in 1992 and 1993 Coke made commemorative cans to celebrate the World Series wins by the Toronto Blue Jays. I’m sure they did this for every team but living in Canada I only saw these cans. in 1993 Coke ran a commercial congratulating The Blue Jays on the win. It is terrible and I’m pretty sure they ran it minutes after the Jays won which blew my mind as a 10 year old. I don’t know why (maybe because they are my favourite team and it was the last time they won a World Series or even made the playoffs for that matter) but this song has stuck in my head some 20+ years later. Feel free to let us know if they do this every year for each team. I hope they do because it’s pretty cool and not to brag but I still have my can from 1992.

Kill Some Time Running Bases

. One of the fondest memories I have of my teenage years was playing the baseball related game Running Bases with my two friends who lived in the same complex. The game involved two people who would throw the ball back and forth to each other and one runner who had to run from one base to another before he could be tagged by the receiving catcher. Each player would take turns running the bases and the person who reached base the most number of times without being tagged, won. it was a simple sports related game that provided entertainment, physical activity and a chance to waste time before important matters. Now I realize the photo has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote about, but I don’t care. I liked it.

Ball Droppers Aren’t Socially Accepted

I am no baseball historian, or a historian at all (I hate history,) but I am familiar with the name Bill Buckner. He was a very solid hitter throughout most of his 21 year career, amassing an impressive 2715 total hits and a 289 batting average. Unfortuantely for Billy, he is best remembered as the bafoon who let a routine ground ball slip by his glove in game 6 of the World Series as a member of the then leading Boston Red Sox. His error allowed the Mets to win the game, and eventually defeat the red Sox in the seventh game of the series, too. Here is a clip of the infamous play: Red Sox fans eventually forgave Buckner and welcomed him back to the club in 1990, where he would retire with the organization. But to me he never truly achieved the proper level of forgiveness until his appearance on one of my favourite television shows: Curb Your Enthusiasm. Check this out: How’s THAT for redemption? Awesome. So for all you ball droppers …