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Mostly Batman: Behind The Scenes Comic Book Movie Pictures

Guys, I’m really hung over. Can I just show you some pictures today and we all be cool with it? Thanks a ton. Man, rubbing alcohol taste awful but it will get you there! Yeah I drink rubbing alcohol, but I put it in a martini glass so it’s classy. Enjoy the pictures. Batman (1989)   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze Superman The Mask Batman (1989) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Batman Returns Batman (1966) Batman Returns Superman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

80s style Batmobile & DeLorean iPhone cases

This is the Bandai Batmobile and DeLorean iPhone 6 Crazy Cases. They retail for about $50 and look pretty awesome. Both case’s headlights light up when you are receiving a call which is pretty rad. Also, the Batmobile case projects the Bat-Signal! No word yet on if the DeLorean case can be used to go back in time to prevent you from sending that drunk text last night. Sorry again about that 4am text last night Garry. In my defense, your wife is really hot and I thought I was texting her. All good? Cool. Check out below for more pictures of both phone cases.  

Awkward Cartoon Moments

Sometimes there are shots in your favourite childhood cartoons that look very awkward when paused at the right moment. Here are a few of such shots. Remember, it’s not bad if some of these turn you on…it’s just not good either… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DAMMMMMMN! Was April always this stacked? Wow, I must have not been too into girls in my young age. Giant Teenaged Mutant Turtles however…. He-Man Um…. Rugrats We all know Tommy and Chuckie were going to get to this at some point. Batman   I’m not sure if this is from Batman or a cartoon of OZ. Either way, it seems like jail is a real pain in the ass. Sonic The Hedgehog Jokes aside, Sonic was just a straight up pedophile.

Failed pilot of Justice League of America

Do you love Superman? How about Batman? and Wonder Woman? Well then you would HATE this (let’s say comedy?) version of The Justice League of America. You can read a much more in depth article here at splitsider, but basically back in 1997 CBS created one of the worst attempts of a superhero based television show. Ever. While the show did have recognizable characters such as The Flash and Green Lantern, they filled out the rest of the cast with a whose-who of superhero shit, with names like Fire, The Atom and Ice. It is claimed that the producers wanted to avoid big superhero names so not to draw too much of an “audience” that would point out all the flaws in the show. Yeah, cause that’s how you make a TV show popular CBS, by avoiding drawing audiences. I guess they had confidence in drawing healthy numbers to the show with the greatest super villain ever, The Weatherman –¬†who was just an evil weatherman… …Sorry, my brain stopped working for a second there. Anyway, …