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Before They Were Famous: Mark Ruffalo in 80s Clearasil Commercial

Before Mark Ruffalo was famous (for being that famous actor whose name people always forget) He was but a simple commercial actor. This is a commercial he did back in the 80s which is either for a zit medication pad or an attempt the get into the Guinness Book of World Records for saying “Zap” the most times in 30 seconds. Either way, enjoy.

Hollywood Hunks Before They Were Hunks

Can you believe that was George Clooney… Here is collection of Hollywood Hunks during their not-so-attractive years. It gives me hope that one day I too will mature and get better looking with age. The Rock once had a fetish for fanny packs and an awful hair cut Ryan Reynolds sporting a 90s douche-bag goat and dippity-do spiked look. Channing Tatum in….I don’t know what this look is? Yep, this is Ryan Seacrest. Seriously… and Jon Hamm from his dating TV show appearance.