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New Coke is coming back…in film form

Deadline is reporting that Zombieland writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have started development on a movie about New Coke. The story of New Coke is a very interesting one. Designed to compete with Pepsi, New Coke is considered one of the biggest disasters in marketing history. I’m also pretty sure Bill Cosby thought being the face of New Coke would be the worst thing to ever happen in his career… I hope this movie opens the door for more films on our favorite soda pop. Next up, how about a movie on Crystal Pepsi or Fido Dido’s fight with sex addiction?

House of Cosbys

Like Yacht Rock, this is another amazing show from Channel 101 that I was hooked on back in University: The cartoon features main character Mitchell Reynolds (voiced by Jeff Davis) who invents a cloning machine in order to create his own personal Bill Cosby to entertain him. He then begins cloning several more Cosbys to help him around the house, much like in the plot of the 1996 film Multiplicity. However, the quality of the clones seems to deteriorate as the process is repeated, and he decides to stop using the machine, but when one of the clones subversively activates it, he discovers that every tenth Cosby he clones has super powers. At the suggestion of Data Analysis Cosby (the first super-powered Cosby) they decide to continue cloning Cosbys so that their super powers can be used to help the world. There were only 4 episodes (which were amazing!) before Bill Cosby stepped in with his lawyers and shut down the show. The result was the cancellation of House of Cosbys but from the show’s …

Why did I recycle!!!: Old Pop Cans Worth Big $$$

While the picture above is not the actual can I own, I do still have in my possession a 1992 Toronto Blue Jays Word Series Coke Can. Little did I know back in the day how valuable pop (or soda) cans could be in the future. The unopened cans are particularly valuable (especially if it is factory error), but like trying to keep an action figure in it’s original packaging, who can resist downing 24 cans of Pepsi in one sitting? It’s basically impossible. Had I resisted over the years, I could have made on mint on eBay selling these cans apparently. I mean think how much more Dr. Pepper I could have bought with $25,000! So, as dumb as it sounds, save your Twilight (or whatever terrible movie is on Coke cans these days) and World Cup 2014 Cans (unopened) because they could be worth something some day….and if they’re not? Hey, at least you’ll have 20 year old Coke to drink. It’s Win/Win!   Unopened Empty Coke Can (Factory Error): $25,000 Apparently there …

Bill Cosby for NEW Coke (1985)

As Bill Cosby once told us (on The Simpsons): Jazz is like the NEW Coke, it will be around forever. Theo! Now before you Simpsons fans give me grief about misquoting your favourite show ever just know this: 1st. I didn’t actually put that statement in quotes and 2nd. I just had sex with your girlfriend. Oh yeah. And she did all that stuff she won’t do with you like eye contact followed by cuddling and breakfast. AND 3rdly. I’m sorry about all that stuff I said about your girlfriend, I didn’t actually do that. As a token of peacemaking here is Bill Cosby doing a commercial for NEW Coke in 1985. All better? NO?! How dare you! I’m actually gonna bang your girlfriend now! Consider her banged! Could you just do me a big solid and leave her number and address in the comments? Thanks buddy! Alright time to sex her up something sweet!