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Stickin’ Your Hand in the Bag… Bits and Bites

I recited this commercial verbatim the other night in front of my roomates. Word for word. It came out many years ago, yet I could still remember the entire dialogue. Talk about a lasting image – or audio I guess. Now stick your hand in the bag. What came out in your handful? … I could not find the authentic commercial anywhere, so I guess I’ll just paste the dialogue for you to read: “Hi. Me again with my Bits and Bites. Stickin my hand in the bag and comin’ out with a new handful. Well, what have we got here? 3 cheese bits, 4 spiced rings and 2 pretzel sticks. Delicious. Next handful, a whole new ballgame. You can’t get enough of those Bits and Bites snacks cause your mouth never knows till’ its all over. Bits and Bites by Christie: every handful is different. Yeah!” Do you remember this ad at all? Advertisements