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A Collection Of Cast Reunions Pt.1

Everyone loves to see casts of our favorite TV shows reunite, put their hatred of each other aside and collect no doubt an insane amount of money for a picture or two. So here is a whole bunch of that. Enjoy!   7th Heaven   The Facts of Life   Married With Children   Blossom   When Harry Met Sally (Billy & Meg)   Friday Night Lights (TV Show)   That 70s Show      

They all look the same but not in a good way: Blossom Cast Reunion

“WHOA!” Remember when Joey Lawrence used to say that? Good times. Anywho, considering I saw every episode of this show I wasn’t crazy excited about this reunion. But that doesn’t mean some of you readers don’t care! So here is more info! The reunion was to promote the airing of classic episodes of the show starting July 7th on HUB. Oh and Mayim Bialik also tweeted this picture: Fun times! Not as fun as the time John Ratzenberger told Blossom she had a stupid hat (I tried to find the scene but couldn’t. I swear this happened though). Now enjoy a collection of Blossom intros found here.

The evolution of the Blossom opening credits

We all remember Blossom as the hottest girl to ever be on TV in the history of Television…or maybe I have the backwards…anyway, she was secondly known for her unique and…I don’t know…fun? opening credits. So let us journey back to the mid 90s and re-live the magic that was Blossom. Blossom Season 1: Blossom Dancing to a personal camcorder…these days it would be a webcam and she would no doubt be doing unspeakable acts…like that dance The Dougie. What were you thinking? Sex acts? You sick bastard. But yeah she’d probably be doing sex acts too. Blossom Season 2: This season gives us more dancing, but we lost the camcorder, we have a professional studio and wardrobe changes! Hazah! Blossom Season 3: This is where Blossom takes on some next level shit man. Not only dancing. Not only a sweet studio, but dancing in a sweet studio with, wait for it…the rest of the cast! it’s also cleverly matched up so the other cast member’s names appear on screen when they do! BANANAS! Wait..not …