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Pamela Anderson is….Barb Wire

Here is a prime example of movies that my Dad loves….cheesy dialogue, tons of explosions and a little eye candy. Barb Wire’s plot is loosely (and I say loosely) based on the plot of Casablanca and came from the Dark Horse comic book series of the same name. The film wasn’t much of a commercial success and was panned by critics, but it did win Pamela Anderson her first big award in cinema…the Razzie. Womp Womp. But despite all it’s negativity, it did give teenage boys plenty of material year before the internet became the filthy cesspool that it is. Thanks Pam. Now we must marry….

Ali G in Madonna music video

Remember that time Ali G was in a Madonna music video? No? That’s because you probably didn’t recognize him the first time you saw it. Madonna’s video for her hit single “Music” was released in August of 2000. At this time Da Ali G Show created and starring Sasha Baron Cohen was just getting it’s first run in the U.K., so North American audiences had no idea who this guy was. The video features Ali G as Madonna’s limo driver, as he drives her and her posse around the city for a night out which includes disco clubs, strippers and even some cartoon kung-fu action. Originally Chris Rock was slated to be the limo driver, but Madonna was insistent that it should be Cohen’s Ali G character. Not only did the video mark the debut of Ali G to North American audiences, but the debut of Madonna’s now famed “Mommy” necklace.