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The World’s Most Famous Arena

This week I have the privilege of attending an event for the first time at New York’s Madison Square Garden, dubbed the World’s Most Famous Arena. I’ve always heard about the importance of “The Garden” in sporting events, but I often thought what make MSG so much more than say Toronto’s ACC? MSG first opened it’s doors on February 11, 1968. It was then refereed to as Madison Square Garden IV, as there were three other arenas in NYC that closed beforehand. Sometimes called the “Mecca”, MSG is the oldest arena in the NHL, 2nd oldest in the NBA and the 3rd busiest music arena in the world (in terms of ticket sales) only behind the Manchester Arena and O2. Home of the New York Knicks, Rangers and residency of Billy-Joel, the Garden is also known for it’s incredible Boxing and Wrestling history. From Muhammad Ali to Bruno Sammartino, the Garden has hosted some of the most historic moments in sports. During his 10 year reign as heavyweight champion, Bruno Sammartino sold out the Garden …

Ready 2 Rumble…the game

Easily one of my favorite games of the late 90’s/early 2000’s, it’s the over-the-top Ready 2 Rumble boxing. In an era when boxing games for N64 and PlayStation were trying to be more realistic and “true to the sport”, Ready 2 Rumble embraced the arcade style that made games like Punch-Out! a hit. The game was released on PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color and Dreamcast. In fact, it was so successful on the Dreamcast that it became one of the few Sega All Stars titles. With Michael Buffer announcing, fast and fun gameplay, along with colorful characters like Afro Thunder, this game was a perfect pick up and play fighter that I miss in today’s world of advanced video games. I remember in Championship mode having to work my way through the ranks. You start out boxing in front of a dozen fans to filling out an arena. Although, even in front of that dozen fans the “Buff” is still announcing. I guess he must need the paycheque.

Rocky IV: A movie of montages

Growing up, Rocky IV was my favourite of the series which said a lot considering the third instalment had my hero Hulk Hogan in it. The showdown with the Russian monster Ivan Drago could be the best boxing fight sequence in movie history (At least I thought at the time). Even Matt Stone and Trey Parker of Southpark list Rocky IV as one of their favourite movies ever! But looking back at this motion picture I realized that the dialogue was shit, the acting was sub par and story was pretty predictable. So what made this movie so epic? Answer: MONTAGE. This movie had incredible (yet terrible) 80s music and some of the best montage sequences ever. But unlike most Rocky films where there is a training montage and fight montage, this film goes a bit further and gives us a few extra montages. Let’s count shall we: MONTAGE 1: Exploding Gloves/Rocky III Recap Duration: 0:00 – 2:00 (2 minutes) Song: Eye of the Tiger – Survivor MONTAGE 2: Apollo Creed/James Brown Funk Duration: 23:15 …