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Burger King Burger Bundles

In the late 80s Burger King decided to make mini burgers for purchase in a package called Burger Bundles. This was perfect for me because I was at the time a mini version of myself and loved things that were “my size”. Little (pardon the pun) did I know that I would never grow another inch…I’m 3 foot 2….life is hard. Enjoy the commercial!  

Burger King Kids Club

Ah the Burger King Kids Club. Are they still around? Who cares! You know why? Cause they live in our memory of the 90s! Who could forget this cast of characters? I mean there was Kid Vid, Wheels, Jaws…ah some nerd with a calculator – let’s say his name is Data? Also red head girl who likes sports and blonde girl with camera. Then of course there was another kinda black guy not named Jaws and a dog who we’ll call…I don’t know…Dave? Yes they truly were an unforgettable bunch who entertained us with their coloring books and crappy comic stories while we ate Burger King’s slightly inferior food.   But for real, I know the names are killing you, so here they are: Also FYI, never piss off The Burger King…Wheels wasn’t always in a wheelchair if you know what I mean…