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Supercut of Pixar Film References

This is a pretty great little supercut of all the film references made by Pixar over the years. Even with them lined up side-by-side a still only got about 70% of them. Although, I was looking at the weird cat outside my window for about 30% of the time, so that might explain it. Oh wait, that’s not a cat. It’s a frying pan with a hat on. How did that thing get a hat? Alright, I gotta look into this more. Enjoy the video!

Randy Newman makes fun of short people

It’s hard to reflect of some of the most iconic Pixar/Disney films without having fond memories of their soundtrack/score. Toy Story, for instance, is a film that always brings me a fuzzy warm feeling when I see the opening credits. Not only am I reminded of the loveable characters, but the films title track “You got a friend in me” will always transport me to a simpler, happier time. And whether it be the Toy Story films, Cars, A Bug’s Life or even Meet the Parents, those films wouldn’t pack the same punch without the musical stylings of one Randy Newman. If you’re not familiar with Randy Newman, here’s his story….He’s a musician who had minor success in the 1970’s but didn’t find his true calling till the 90’s when he partnered with Disney to make soundtracks for the films listed above. His voice and style are very whimsical making his songs simple, silly and fun. Oddly enough one of his biggest solo hits was a song that was wildly misinterpreted. The track was called …

The REAL Titles of Disney Films

Created by the folks at TheFW, this is a series of Disney posters re-imagined with more accurate film titles. I wish some of these were presented like this when I was a little one, thinking that the sarcastic title for Cinderella will stop a generation of girls from being just like the girls currently on MTV. But I realize that the sarcasm might be taken too literal, so we are screwed either way. Enjoy.