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Live-Action Remake Of The Original He-Man Cartoon Intro

Well this is pretty damn amazing. This is a Homemade Movie and side by side comparison of the 80s He-Man cartoon by CineFix and they nailed it. The first video is the remake and the second is the side by side comparison. Please enjoy watching and trying to convince your friends you could put these costumes together for that Halloween party in less than 48 hours. Yeah, good luck with that Brad!

Childhood Ruined: The Flintstones for Winston Cigarettes

Wow did the world ever have a different mentality back in the 60s. I mean, this isn’t that crazy, I’m pretty sure cartoons were smoking on TV well into the 90s, they just weren’t overtly advertising the brand. Still, very strange to see this in a childhood cartoon for sure. What I don’t understand is that in the caveman days they had cigarettes yet pants weren’t invented yet? This whole thing is stressing me out, I need a smoke to calm my nerves. Hey! Advertising really works!

May I Sketch You?: The Real Photos Behind Disney Movies

If you are like me, you are a raging alcoholic and should seek help immediately. Also, you didn’t know that some of Disney’s most famous cartoons were actually developed by using scenes with real actors. I know what you are thinking, “Ben, have you been drinking?” and the answer is: Of course I have! I just told you I’m an alcoholic! But apperently this was a real thing. It’s called Rotoscoping and it’s when animators trace the frames of live action film footage to make realistic animations. I choose to interpret that as animators are all hacks who have to trace things. But seriously it’s pretty cool, here are some examples of how they did it. There is no photo evidence that Disney dressed a fox and a bear up as Robin Hood and Little John, but how else would the animators know how to draw that? Enjoy!

Part of a balanced diet: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pudding Pies

“Fresh from the sewers to you!” The Hostess Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies featured a green glazed pie crust that was filled with Vanilla Puddin’ Power or mutagen goo as it’s referred to in the commercial (both sound pretty delicious to me). I would bet the majority of us never got to taste these (let’s say…delicious?) pies, as they were only around from 1990 to 1991 (that’s a pretty solid run). I don’t know about you, but I would eat the hell out of those things. Apparently every wrapper included 1 “pudding point” which could be used to acquire mail in prizes which according to Wikipedia were: 1. a pack of two “Battle Signal Clickers” – metal clickers featuring Leonardo’s face and the “Turtles Pies” logo, along with instruction cards explaining a secret “Turtles Morse Code” for use with the clickers 2. A turtle shell belt buckle which could store items inside of it 3. A Painter’s style hat featuring all four turtles 4. A black Ninja Turtles t-shirt with a “puff-print” design I could …

Hellooooooooo Nurse: ANIMANIACS Live Tour Coming Soon

According to Nerdist, the cast of Animaniacs are reuniting for a live tour in the near future. While the details of the tour are still being worked out (which cities to hit and when to go there, ya know, pretty much everything) it has been said that tour will feature classic, new and updated songs accompanied by an 87-piece orchestra. I’m all for updates as the Nations of the World song is a little outdated now… Jess Harnell, who voiced Wakko, said the show will be very interactive and that “It’ll be like hanging out with us in your living room.” which is more than enough to get my butt in the seat. So, until we know the details of the tour, here are a collection of Animaniac songs to hold us over. Enjoy!