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Adam Sandler Debuts Chanukah Song Part 4

It’s been a while since Adam Sandler has graced us with a new version of The Chanukah song but here it is, and  just in time for Chanukah! It’s more or less the same as the past 3 but with even newer names! Which in the end is all we really want right? I believe Sandler’s goal is to eventually have 8 versions of this song so you can listen to one every night of Chanukah. And that my friends would be a true mitzvah. Enjoy!

Hanukkah Harry Saves Christmas

This is one of my favourite Holiday sketches from Saturday Night Live. The plot is that Santa is too sick to make his Christmas deliveries and calls on the help of his friend Hanukkah Harry (played by Jon Lovitz) to save Christmas. The premiss starts off amazing but the sketch itself gets a little slow near the end but there are some pretty good laughs along the way. This was the only link I could find to the sketch. You can also click below to see listen to the theme song. Enjoy!

Happy Chanukah!

We start by celebrating 8 crazy nights of coin chocolates and tube socks with the begging of Chanukah (or Hanukkah if you will) tonight! So, to honor this it only seems appropriate (or offensive) to rejoice in the singing of The Chanukah song by Adam Sandler. It’s the 3rd version of the song as it is the most up to date rendition (barely) and has the best quality on YouTube. So, please enjoy. Oh and Hey D.J. SPIN THAT DRADLE!