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This Spice Girls Video is SOOOOO 90s

Let’s admit it, we at some point in time thought we were all superstars and filmed ourselves either lip-syncing or dancing to our favorite 90s band. These three girls did a very good job of Too Much by the Spice Girls. So good that we felt the need to showcase it here. Notice the crushed velvet and Old Navy.

Summertime Toys from you childhood

Now that we are grown up, have jobs and maybe even careers, summer just isn’t what it used to be. I remember a time when I would have 2 full months to do whatever the hell I wanted, which included sleeping in, staying up late, playing lots of video games in my friend’s basements and playing with all of these… RUNNING THROUGH A SPRINKLER DRAWING WITH SIDEWALK CHALK PRETENDING TO BE GOOD AT JUMPROPE COOLING DOWN IN THE KIDDIE POOL TAKING A DRIVE DOWN THE SIDEWALK WISHING I OWNED A PAIR OF MOON SHOES WATER WARS WITH MY FRIENDS SHOWING OFF MY ANTI-SKIP DISCMAN and LOVING SPARKLERS EVEN THOUGH I WAS AFRAID OF HOLDING ONE  

Playing Parachute in Gym Class = YES!

Easily one of my favourite activities in gym class, probably because it didn’t involve much co-ordination. I can’t even remember what this object was called other than parachute. This massive multicoloured piece of fabric would have every child’s eyes light up when it was pulled out of the closet storage where it sat behind the plastic hockey sticks and deflated bag of soccer balls. The kids would form a circle and grab hold of the parachute creating distance. Then each began to flail their arms and the parachute would create waves. One of the more easy and popular games would be to put a couple of soft balls in the middle and try to bounce them from side to side without having them fly out of the circle. Another would involve a student running underneath the waves, while another is atop trying to catch him; this was called Cat and Mouse. I think I might have enjoyed playing parachute more than playing with the giant bouncy balls (Hoppies).

My Childhood Summed Up in Awesome Television Programs

How bout THIS group of 90’s television programs, huh! My childhood memories of television can essentially be summed up with these four awesome shows. Most of them aired in the morning before I went to school and then again right after I was home from school. They also aired on multiple different networks at various times throughout the day, making it virtually impossible to escape viewings. And I was completely fine with that. I bet I have seen almost 100 percent of every episode aired of all of these shows. I still cannot determine which one I would put on the top of my list, because they are all awesome. Flat out! I loved Zack and Kelly, I loved Joey and Jesse, I loved Carl and Urkel and I loved Will and Carlton. Such an impossible choice. What was/is your favourite amongst these wicked programs? Don’t even try to tell me you didn’t watch at least a couple of them, because you did. Get at us! Here are all four of the title sequences from these shows, …

Who remembers racing raindrops?

I know I’m not the only one who used to race raindrops. It’s a rainy day in class and you and the kid who sits beside you glare out the window. Wouldn’t it be fun to race raindrops? Actually no, but you’re 7 and don’t know that yet. You think you have the early advantage but as your drop begins to lose its lead, you illegally switched racers. As we got older we still practiced this, but not with raindrops…