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Famous Comedians before they were…really famous…

Just for Laughs has launched a YouTube station and it’s full of some classic content. If you aren’t familiar with Just for Laughs, it is probably the biggest comedy festival in the world and it takes place every summer in Montreal. Throughout the decades, JFL has provided some great stand-up comedy of now super-star status comedians back when they were just stars. Thanks to this YouTube page we can all go back and watch some of those stars shine instead of having to watch constant re-runs on television which always seem to feature the very unfunny Jeremy Hotz. Seriously, this guy is only funny to your not funny uncle.   Now enjoy some good comedy!   Mitch Hedberg – 1998   Chris Rock – 1987   Dave Chappelle – 2000   Jon Stewart – 1992   Bill Burr – 2004   Tracy Morgan – 2002   Louis CK – 2003


Remember calling Collect? Actually, remember pay phones for that matter? Well in the times where cell phones were rare and the ones that did exist were bigger than most cars these days, if you didn’t have quarters on you for a phone call you needed to call Collect. I’m sure whoever started this company is living on a giant payphone shaped island in paradise somewhere. However, when this greedy human being wasn’t over charging us to make emergency calls to our loved ones, they were making some pretty sweet commercials. Here are a few to enjoy. Please dial “0” now. The Simpsons David Spade Phil Hartman and Chris Rock