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If Disney Princesses looked like this…my childhood would have been messed up!

Thai artist Witit Karpkraikaew is traumatizing our childhood by turning our favourite Disney Princesses into characters we might expect to see on a very song-filled episode of The Walking Dead (and lets be honest, we all want to see that). But seriously, aren’t you still a little attracted to them? If you answered yes, I am either frightened of you or have found a new respect for you…probably more the frightened thing though.

The REAL Titles of Disney Films

Created by the folks at TheFW, this is a series of Disney posters re-imagined with more accurate film titles. I wish some of these were presented like this when I was a little one, thinking that the sarcastic title for Cinderella will stop a generation of girls from being just like the girls currently on MTV. But I realize that the sarcasm might be taken too literal, so we are screwed either way. Enjoy.