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Coca Cola sings to the Blue Jays

Tomorrow, the Toronto Blue Jays start their post-season against the Texas Rangers. And for the first time since 1993….the team is actually good. Toronto has always been a hotspot for sports, but sadly hasn’t had a winning team (in any sport minus Canadian football) since the Jays won back-to-back World Series in 92/93. To celebrate the teams World Series victory of the 90s, Coca Cola ran television advertisements where they sang a song about Toronto’s winners… Cleverly, Coke has rehashed their nostalgic tune for the 2015 Jays who just might go all the way. And even if they don’t, we are “proud of our Blue Jays.”

Before They Were Famous: Leslie Mann Coke Commercial

While this is apparently “Not Final Version”, it is what I remember watching on TV as a kid. Coca-Cola has always been known for its amazing adverts and marketing campaigns and it seems they hit the nail on the head with this one. The commercial features a then unknown Leslie Mann and King Kong (who likely hadn’t worked since the 80s and just figured a job is a job). Both careers would remain obscure until the mid 2000s when King Kong married Judd Apatow and went on to star in movies such as The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up while Leslie Mann would star in Peter Jackson’s mega-hit King Kong…Hmm, I might have that backwards…No, I think I’m right. Enjoy the commercial

Why did I recycle!!!: Old Pop Cans Worth Big $$$

While the picture above is not the actual can I own, I do still have in my possession a 1992 Toronto Blue Jays Word Series Coke Can. Little did I know back in the day how valuable pop (or soda) cans could be in the future. The unopened cans are particularly valuable (especially if it is factory error), but like trying to keep an action figure in it’s original packaging, who can resist downing 24 cans of Pepsi in one sitting? It’s basically impossible. Had I resisted over the years, I could have made on mint on eBay selling these cans apparently. I mean think how much more Dr. Pepper I could have bought with $25,000! So, as dumb as it sounds, save your Twilight (or whatever terrible movie is on Coke cans these days) and World Cup 2014 Cans (unopened) because they could be worth something some day….and if they’re not? Hey, at least you’ll have 20 year old Coke to drink. It’s Win/Win!   Unopened Empty Coke Can (Factory Error): $25,000 Apparently there …

They Call Me Mello Yello

I was just having a conversation the other day with a co-worker about this stuff. Mello Yello made a brief crossover to Canada from the much more abundantly supplied United States in the late 90’s. I guess sales were not as good as its rival: Pepsi’s Mountain Dew as it was discontinued shortly after. I preferred Coke’s version, although it goes against every fiber in my body to do so as I steadfastly support Pepsi. What did you prefer? Get at Us!

Pepsi Vanilla was BETTER Than the Alternative

I loved Pepsi Vanilla. It was much, MUCH better than that other brands’ version (which to be honest came first but fuck off). In the early 2000s, the vanilla and other fruit flavours craze hit its peak. All pops were offering vanilla and cherry and blueberry versions of their beverages. The top of the drink chain, though, was clearly Pepsi Vanilla. I loved this shit. Much better, again, then that other crap. Thankfully, eclectic drink flavours seem to be making a return to the mainstream. Are you excited?